Friday, March 4, 2011

Prophetic Witness, A Community Laments

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

As we aspiring pastors and humbled seminarians deepen further into this life, we are exposed to a multitude of opportunities to grow within and beyond our community. This week several LSTC'ers gathered together at the SCUPE (Seminary Consortium of Urban Pastoral Education) conference-the Congress on Urban Education held at McCormick Place.

Conferences of the norm are usually back to back days of speakers and speeches, melded in with workshops and networking events. SCUPE's conference was so much more than that: It was a call for we who have discerned, answered and dedicated to ministry. It was a place where the Spirit truly descended and blessed us with its presence. It was a moment when we could praise and testify together.

(Awesome to be a part and surrounded by those in the struggle)

It was also a place where I stepped from the shadows and out into the blazing forefront, joining such leaders as Dr. James Forbes and Father Michael Pflager as we with determination and confidence met with the Deputy Gov. of IL letting him know that violence could not be compromised, especially gun violence.

Are we as seminarians just supposed to attend seminary, hope for a quiet congregation and be content for the rest of our lives? Father Pflager said in the opening worship Tuesday eve "The church has spiritual laryngitis"-Christ is calling for us to be Radical, Empowered and Re-birthed.

God's Peace.

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