Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Night

While being on internship is a lot of work - and while some of it is serious work - there is plenty of time for fun and games. Most of it is, of course, with the younger members of the congregation, but it's nice when the fun can be appreciated by multiple generations. For instance, we took the confirmation students out for an afternoon of lasertag, and though it was fun to play against the students, it was even more fun to compete with their parents, especially those who may have very recently discovered the joys of running around a blacklit room while aiming blinking lights at everyone in sight.

This past week, we had a family fun night at the church involving about seven families. Each family was in charge of designing a mini-golf course and setting it up in the building. One was meticulously constructed by a plumber out of PVC pipes, a ramp, and a brand new toilet (as the hole, of course); a few utilized closets worth of Christmas, Easter, and Hawaiian luau decorations; many involved toys from home and the church nursery; and mine consisted of cardboard, tape, and old business cards. My supervising pastor dubbed it the most sadistic hole of the course. I was, of course, very pleased with that description.

A Plinko game even Price Is Right fans couldn't love

It was a fun night, capped off with a little something the people at Good Shepherd like to call a lock-in for the 8th graders. That's right, loyal readers. I had two weekends and two lock-ins. Both were a ton of fun, and both reminded me that I am definitely not anywhere near 22 anymore. And, just in case I need another reminder, we're getting amped up for a fun evening of Whirleyball next Sunday. I've never played this crazy Chicago game before, and I cannot wait to check it out with the confirmation students, as well as their parents. I should ready the Tylenol and Ice packs for Sunday night, though.

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