Friday, March 9, 2012

Overwhelmed...Time for Prayer?

As you can gather, having a week off from Seminary classes can leave the lot of us completely disorientated. A week of not rising with the dawn to have wisdom from Klein or Hendel or Westelle poured into our sleepy souls. I say poured because usually we gallop as elegant gazelle’s to the fount of knowledge eagerly.

Some of my classmates would strongly disagree….

Last year, even as I was plunging into deeper waters of Seminary life I had been able to meditate, allowing for several muses of poetry to spill out of my consciousness and into the social media network. When we talk about the disciplines of Lent, there is encouragement from our pastoral leadership to be involved in journeying towards Easter and enriching our lives through devotions, through prayer, through weekly services and through conversations about how we are living out the mission of what God has given to us. Lent is one of my favorite times of the year because as frightened as I am of water covering my whole being, I trust in the promise that the Creator, allowing the healing waters to cradle my spirit and carry me towards the shores of the Valley.

This year, as I am immersed even further and as this call comes to fruition I feel rather disconnected to Lent as I am out to my wonderful MIC congregation twice a week, volunteering in chapel and buried under meetings and other obligations.  So it is with the beginnings of the dawn, watching it unfurl before my is where my heart is connected once more to the beauty of Creation. It is being still and listening to Mother Earth slowly emerge and speak life into the morning is where my spirit simply listens and gives thanks. It is through one lifted song raised from the depths of my soul that I am able to praise for the breath that I am blessed with.

Prayer, we have to remember is not just a formal address to the Most High. Prayer is our tears, our laughter, our song, our silence…and that no matter what, God listens..and continues to Love.

Lape Bondye, God’s Peace.

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