Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Think I'm Lutheran...Therefore I Am?

Congratulations, seminary, you caught me. I am, in fact, wrestling with being a Christian. I admit that I have issues with placing so much emphasis on the Trinity, I have my suspicions about the “hypostatic union” jargon over the nature of Jesus, I have wondered about keeping the creeds, and I still have a hard time with the idea of God as a noun in any form.
Wow...I didn’t really expect all of those things to come to mind as I write this, but it’s about as honest as I can get.
I have wrestled with these ideas for a long time. It really began in my sophomore year of college in an Early Church history class. I got a lot out of the course, but in the end, the door was opened for modern scholarship to march right into my life and screw with many of the things that I heard in Sunday School. Since then I have wondered how Lutheran I really am, and even how Christian I really am.
So far, I have to say that LSTC has been helpful in my exploration of these topics. I can thank our historians for walking me through different ways of thinking about the Trinity rather than the usual (almost modalistic) form. I have had a space where I can wrestle with these thoughts, and now I am taking classes that truly encourage me to get at the heart of what it means to be a Lutheran. I have not found any easy answers to my musings and, in fact, there is still much that I would contend with bt there is great value in this welcoming space not only on a student population level, but also on an ideological level. We’ll see where Lutheran Confessional Heritage goes from here right?
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