Friday, March 30, 2012

Putting Theology on the Back-burner...Today at Least

Today I went over to visit a family with three children. This family is a friend of my girlfriend’s and I had never formally met these kids or spent much time with them before; I had only heard stories. I was very nervous that they would make the afternoon challenging but by the end of our time together I was having a lot of fun! The catalyst for my fun day was a blast from the past…Pokémon cards.

Confession time: I used to collect Pokémon cards. I had quite the collection too. I remember taking my cards to school in 4th grade and playing with my friends and drawing a picture from a particular card. 2 years later I stored them somewhere and by the time I was in high school, I had given away most of my cards to family members or sold some for very cheap at a yard sale or two. A part of me still wishes I held onto them in some dusty corner of my basement or an attic.

So what does this have to do with seminary? I don’t really know. I suppose I could try to make a theological connection between the popular phrase, “I choose you” and God’s relationship to humanity, but sometimes those kinds of discussions get tiring. Many students (myself included) need time off from theological discussion every once in a while, otherwise we’ll burn out. I remember two friends of mine went to a local bar and made a deal not to talk about theology the whole time. Sometimes people in ministry have to make time to not search for the hidden God in our experiences and thoughts and simply enjoy the experiences themselves.

So I had a nice time talking about Pokémon and what I remembered about it. I’ll be looking forward to other opportunities this week in my visits with family and time away from the books and writing assignments…for now.

Until Next Friday!

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