Sunday, March 18, 2012

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow is the LSTC Leadership Conference. LSTC holds this conference every year, and we’ve had some great speakers and great topics. This year Dr. Linda Thomas, Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Bishop Wayne Miller will be leading discussions around the theme of Identity and Context. Should be an interesting day!

But that’s tomorrow. Tonight, half the class of 2011 is asleep in my living room. OK, not half the class of 2011, more like two people, with a third on the way. But my living room is not all that big, so they may well feel that crowded.

Most of the people who come in for the Leadership Conference are alumni. This was fun my first few years, it was always exciting to see what LSTC grads were doing in the church. But this year it’s especially neat, because now a lot of the alumni are friends of mine. People who I took classes with, worshiped with in chapel, played pick-up basketball with on Thursday nights. I love being at LSTC, but being at LSTC is not the end goal, being a pastor is. Seeing what all these alumni are up to, the amazing work they are doing, helps me remember where this journey is headed. It also makes me wonder, who’s floor will I sleep on next year?

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  1. Love to hear your dreaming about what the future may hold--and enjoy the conference!