Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving at LSTC

If you've ever wondered whether or not an LSTC apartment is suitable for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you're just like me. Last week, as I was busy preparing for Thanksgiving services at church, my wife and I were also busy cleaning the house, buying groceries, and preparing to host 4 parents, a brother, and a niece for the big holiday. I wasn't sure if the kitchen could handle all the cooking, but standing on the other side, I'm here to say that, yes, this LSTC apartment was the perfect place to have Thanksgiving with my family. We spent all day cooking, laughing, and talking together as we did everything we could to make sure dinner was ready on time. Of course, it wasn't; we were having too much fun. But, eventually dinner was served, and it was amazing. Tender turkey, green beans with home-friend onions, homemade cranberry sauce, stuffing, two kinds of potatoes, and Mom's homemade pecan and pumpkin pies for dessert - Amazing.

The family, sans my mother, who's on the other side of the camera

The next day, after a full breakfast, we decided to burn off all those calories by taking a walk to Promontory Point, the lakeside park in the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day, with a fantastic view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, and it was a perfect ending to a great holiday spent with family here in Chicago. When it's not possible to go "home" for the holidays, it's so wonderful to have home come here.

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