Saturday, November 26, 2011


There's this line in the movie, Elf, that talks about the best way to spread Christmas cheer. Anyone know the line? The answer: singing loud for all to hear!

But it's not just Christmas cheer that singing spreads, it's cheer in general. As my mom, aunt, cousin, and I were cooking up our Thanksgiving feast, we had my mom's ipod on and were rocking out to some tunes. We were crooning at each other, swaying our apron clad bodies as we stirred up stuffing and sweet potatoes.

I enjoyed the food, don't get me wrong. My grandmother even said it was the best food she's EVER had! But it was the singing that did me in. A group of people that know the lyrics to the same songs and don't mind looking like little girls as they dance around a kitchen like they're wearing ball gowns instead of messy aprons.

We may mess up the lyrics. We don't always hit that high note. But you know what? We don't mind at all.

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