Saturday, November 5, 2011

Extroverts and Introverts


There seems to be a lot of buzz around me lately about whether people are introverts or extroverts. Many times, extroverts are defined as those people who like being around other people and introverts are the quiet ones who rarely speak.

As a self proclaimed introvert who actually loves people, I get incorrectly labeled all the time. So here's the deal... I'm going to educated you so you know what to do when you come across people like me. Being an introvert or an extrovert doesn't have anything to do with how much you like people. It's all about energy.

For me, though I love people, I have to come home at the end of the day and wind down. Everyone does this to some extent as we all need a balance of people time and "just me" time, but I find that I get exhausted around people. I am rarely one of the last people to leave a party, I rarely volunteer to be around people MORE than I have energy for, and I am almost always curled up with a book or playing a game on my computer or the xbox at the end of the day.

For the (few) extroverts on this campus (because pastors tend to be introverts despite their great love for people), they gain their energy from their time with others. And though I love my extroverts, I've come to realize the great gifts that come with introversion.

Instead of being the shy, walked over, quiet one, introverts can be amazing listeners, form deep relationships, enjoy "just me" time, and can reflect before speaking or acting. Yes, I might have to retreat to my office when I'm a pastor after church, but I can do amazing things, too.

All introverts, stand proud!!! (Then you can go retreat....)

[image from where you can take a test to see if you are I or E!]

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