Monday, November 1, 2010

Spy Games

I went undercover this week as an admissions person. Thinking I may be hanging out with lobbyists for Lutheranism, this was not my experience at all. I had the honor of visiting two schools in the Northwest with admissions people from Luther Seminary (Minneapolis), Pacific Lutheran (California), Wartburg Seminary (Iowa), and Gettysburg (Pennsylvania). There are eight ELCA seminaries working together to recruit all over the country; I was able to represent LSTC on this occasion. Not knowing what to expect, we were visiting schools, but also some houses for Lutheran Volunteer Core (one year opportunity to live in community and serve in social service settings), learning about what they do, their experiences, and asking what their next step could be after a year of unique service. The whole trip has been about vocation, “What are you called to do?” Talking with people interested in seminary, others interested in service, and some who just wanted a free pen. It was so interesting to hear the stories of people; how they came to school, what they believe and all the different interests they hold in and out of school. Admissions people have one of the bests jobs in the world, they hear people work through that crucial time of next steps, but I also realize how much they care. They are not working for the seminaries, but they really are working to make sure that you know what you need to know, and care so much about you going to the right place, even if it means saying, “you should talk to them,” or “they can do that better.” How cool to see people putting God and others before themselves, a true example of Christ.

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