Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just a circle of rain.

The last time I flew, as we were about to touch down in the plane, I saw this really cool silhouette of the plane against the clouds.  The coolest part was that it was surrounded by a raincircle.  It wasn't a rainbow, per se, since the bow is the shape rather than the inherent nature of the concept.  So, yes, raincircle.

I've been thinking about this raincircle for a few days now.  What does it mean, exactly?  Yes, I know, it was a reflection of light off of water molecules...blah, blah.  I got it.  What I'm asking though, is what does it mean that it was a raincircle?  God set his bow in the cloud.  Anytime I draw rainbows, they typically have ends.  The rainbow stops somewhere, possibly capped with a bucket of gold placed by ironically petite Irishmen.  My family is Irish...we're the farthest thing from, I don't know where they got this short, Irish leprechaun business.

I digress.

I'd rather it be a raincircle that God set in the sky.  This was a small raincircle that I saw, but the idea that a circle has no ends fits much more into my theology of God's love for creation.  I like that there's no beginning or end.

Just a circle of rain.

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