Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let me clear my throat

My immune system has finally caught up with me, and I finally have to admit that maybe I need to get some more sleep. I woke up Monday with a sore throat and a headache, but greater than that, my alarm was my dog, Kojak, barking at 4 in the morning. I spent a lot of my day moving in slow motion, thankful that I did not have actual class today. Since I was out of town for some of my classes last week, I was trying to do some catch up work, but now added trying to get well for class today. So I write late today trying to give feedback on my experience of being sick for the first time as a seminary student. Although I am still healing, I have made the trek to LSTC this morning, and rising at 4AM, this time to a real alarm, to make that happen. As a student, there is a need for healthy living, especially self care. I am expected to reply to people inside and out of class, and with such reliance on each other, I realize more than ever that healthy living is the only way to create healthy learning. Being the church together takes work, and effort that drains the body. Staying healthy not only helps me be more active, but allows me to have more active participation in my community. In return community replenishes me.

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