Friday, November 12, 2010

We are all Related

Somber movements through trampled grasses
bearing the scars of a lost people
woven tight around her neck
draped colors of her soul woven into her shawl
trapped between here and the next
carried on the thunderous hooves of a Nation
the horizon scattered with wavering spirits listening for the call
a parade of peoples dancing before her
and yet why, does her spirit cry

To be in the presence of the elders every time they speak is not only a learning experience but also aware of the burdens they bare, which spill forth through their voices the echoes of the ancestors. Being an elder in American society unfortunately whether it be through television, in editorials, or even in "polite" conversation is one who is seen as feeble and forgotten; hidden away as not to hurt our eyes because reflected in their worn expressions is our own morality.

As sage and sweetgrass filled the chapel last week, we invited in the voices of those ancestors that are not only flowing within the blood of their own people, but rushing forth reaching and connecting to those who are not Native. Listening to elders such as Dr. George "Tink" Tinker and
Rev. Marlene Whiterabbit Helgemo bringing their experiences and history brought again the realization of a people so vital to this land, to its beginnings and their continued struggle.

Reflecting in the stillness of the night, and as I continue to form my own theology I reach back and draw from the thunderous shores of Africa and draw to me the strong, vibrant heartbeat of the original Native land, seeing the beauty of Creation and the meaning, importance of Life.

May the Creator continue to guide and protect you.

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