Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

As we begin another reading week/Thanksgiving break, I find myself in a decent place, working on homework but also trying to find time to relax. The break was welcomed at a time when my to-do list was getting quite long, but the time to do it was coming up short. We start to see that there are really only two weeks left when we return. Two weeks?! “But I still have to work on that big paper, and I don’t know Greek yet, I need more time.” I find myself saying that a lot lately, but I think I am reminded when I think like this, make use of the time you have. Take this all a day at a time, get done what needs to be done today. When life stresses like this, I also try and keep track of those people, places, and things that can take stress away. Whether it is a phone call to my best friend, watching a movie with some grade school friends I still keep in contact with, or just good family time, like a good Thanksgiving dinner with relatives I have not seen in a long time. All these experiences are what allow me to keep at the homework and the long readings at bay. Happy Thanksgiving, take in the holidays and enjoy the time you have, the people you have, and all that we have to be thankful for.

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