Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

For the last two [three?] weeks I have been the victim of a particularly malicious strain of acute viral rhinopharyngitis. This condition has made it more difficult to do virtually everything I have to do the get through my day – work, study, play, talk, and especially sleep. It has even robbed me of my senses of taste and smell. I drank a cup of Starbucks coffee yesterday that I literally could not taste. This terrible disease is otherwise known, of course, as the common cold. But whereas most of my colds seem to last 2-3 days, this one has been going on for weeks. People around campus are starting to wonder, “Do you still have that same cold?”

I definitely have a greater appreciation for my health now, however, than I did three weeks ago. It’s amazing how having to live for 17 days with this relatively minor ailment [though it hasn’t always seemed minor] can change my perspective on things. It makes me think of those among us living with conditions, seen or unseen, that don’t go away like mine [hopefully] will very soon. It causes me to desire a more compassionate spirit, not knowing what the person sitting next to me has to deal with on a daily basis.

Caring God, help us to live lives full of grace and compassion, that we may show all with whom we have contact your mercy, for the glory of your son Jesus. And please take away this darn cold!

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