Tuesday, September 21, 2010

God works in mysterious ways

In 2007, I headed to Chicago for four days. I wrote about the trip in my journal. Fast forward to April 2009—God woke me up one morning and called me to pastoral leadership. Although I dreaded the school required, I thought about all the places I had traveled for the Lord and knew that this was an important part of my journey. I said yes.

As I was searching for seminaries, most of the seminaries had already closed registration. The next day I found a receipt from that Chicago trip that I had not seen in years, to the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum. I was so excited that I framed it in a little purple frame and sat it on my desk. I knew Chicago was where I was headed.

A Presbyterian friend recommended LSTC. She recommended that I speak with the Admissions Director. After I left her office, I realized that this is where God sent me.

After orientation, I walked up to Dean Baeder, unable to form my words from holding back the tears, and told him that the orientation was excellent. I knew that I had arrived to a seminary of great quality, an institution of great professionalism, respect of diverse cultures, and focused on the spirit of God.
God wanted greater quality, and greater spirituality, because although I have previous degrees, this is God’s job, the one that ultimately matters. God works in mysterious ways.

--Constance Johnson

Connie Johnson is from Chicago, Illinois and is an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, USA. She is currently developing a publication company here in Chicago as she pursues the MDiv. She plays cello, tennis, and is interested in researching, writing and reading autobiographies.

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