Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lutheran Year

It’s funny how sometimes things don’t turn out how you expect them to. I’m taking four classes during this first of two semesters I’ll be spending here at LSTC as a “Lutheran year” student. Two of them are core “Lutheran” classes that I felt my candidacy committee would want me to take, and the other two are classes I chose because I was excited for the topics. I figured the ones I chose for myself would be the ones I would most enjoy, but so far, I figured wrong!

The main reason I like my “Lutheran classes” are the professors. I could sit and listen to Kurt Hendel talk about Luther’s theology all day. The insights I gleaned after just one class with him made me excited to dive into one of those many volumes of Luther’s Works. And Ben Stewart’s perspectives on Worship get me psyched for the lively, theologically sound worship that must be happening at Lutheran churches led by LSTC grads everywhere.

Even after just four weeks in Hyde Park, there are all kinds of things that have enriched me—daily chapel services, experiencing community with other students and families, Luther Bowl practice, getting to know the city. But when it comes down to it, the reason I’m here is to take classes. So the quality of my Lutheran year education is largely determined by the professors. And LSTC, I’m finding, is not lacking in quality professors. --Matthew Anderson

Matthew is a “Lutheran year” student at LSTC, which means he only gets to spend one year in this lovely place before going out on internship and, God willing, on to ordination. While studying at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA, working toward his M.Div., he eventually gave in to what he discerned as God’s calling into parish ministry. So in August 2010, his wife Becky and he packed up their car, a moving truck, and their two cats, and headed across the country to experience the climate and culture of Chicago.

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