Monday, September 27, 2010

All work and no play... I mean reverse that

In my second week I went to the library for a reserved book, thinking I could squeeze in a quick read before the library closed. I snagged my book from the reserve and as I round the corner, I start to hear some noise.

Half of my junior class was in the library studying for class; Pentateuch, Greek, and I had to read a chapter for Pastoral Care. Little did I know my night had just begun. We closed the library an hour later, probably doing more talking than studying.

Still full of conversation and in definite need of more study time, about six of us went to someone’s apartment. Surrounding a bowl of Sun Chips and some people taking advantage of our host’s Red Bull, we went to work… kind of. We did study, some more than others, but more importantly we laughed, and we did not let the stress of school get us too worked up. We found random YouTube videos and talked about our classes and professors and what we’ve experienced in these first couple of weeks.

Finally deciding it was past my bedtime I walked back to commuter housing. Sneaking into my room and trying to climb into the top bunk without making too much noise, I could not help but laugh, I thought I was going to be here 4 hours ago.

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