Tuesday, October 30, 2012


If only this was our Oktoberfest, but this is in Deutschland
There is something about a long Sunday that is more daunting now than ever; especially when you preach. Getting into church early and prepping for two services usually starts for me arriving at church at least by 6:30AM and ends at 1 with whatever after church meeting.  One of the last things you want to do is go back to church, so I retreat under covers and to my Packer bar to unwind, but not this weekend. 
This weekend was Oktoberfest.  
At around 5, we fill our parking lot with some tables and chairs, start grilling sausage and frying schnitzel!  Later people start to bring German dishes to share and some church members started playing music to listen to...German music? Nope.  We started with some steel drums, then some beautiful harmonized old time church songs, and we ended with some guitar from Oliver Rajamani, amazing musician from the Austin area.  My favorite part was the dueling home-brews, my supervisor's predecessor made an Oktoberfest and him and I had made the White House Honey Ale.  We didn't ask for votes, but both brews were enjoyed and paired nicely with our eclectic German meal.
The day was long, and as I woke up on Monday, I was so exhausted still, but it was a first for me seeing this congregation out of the Sunday morning box.  I was able to laugh with them and celebrate in a new way.  I heard stories that only come out when the sun is setting and the home-brew is gone, and more than that there were some lederhosens!  This party did not disappoint.  These are the memories that make me already scared to leave in August...
Falling in love with my internship site,
but I don't think they are looking for anything serious or long-term.


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying internship. You brought back fond memories of Oktoberfest for me. Just wait until Fat Tuesday and the Talent show! I was the intern there from 09-10... Doesn't First English rock! :)

    Rick Fry

  2. Yeah they still talk about you...it's nice to be part of a smaller number of Mike's interns, which is 5 rather than the big number where I am 46. But yall still left pretty big shoes to fill...hope you're well Rick!