Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You never know who you're gonna meet...

Skip Wachsmann

We had a pulpit exchange this past weekend where we brought in an interim from the Austin area to my church First English.  Skip Wachsmann was a graduate of Christ Seminary-Seminex, the first class that received a degree from their also did so with the accreditation backing of LSTC.  Skip’s first and only call before becoming an interim in Austin, was 34 years in the inner city of Detroit in an all black congregation.  I had the pleasure of working with Skip on Sunday and seeing his unique preaching style and see what happens to a white kid from Houston thrown into inner city Detroit for 30+ years.  Just days later, I was able to sit down with Skip and hear stories of Detroit, Seminex, and just his journey to sitting across from me with a beer and a wealth of knowledge.  I had a blast hanging out with him and hearing stories, some of professors that can still be seen at LSTC and others about journeying from LCMS to AELC, which would later join with the ALC and the LCA to form our modern day ELCA.  Skip reminded me with a rememberance of the reformation coming this Sunday about how much trust in God it takes to really make a difference, and what real faith can look like.  Skip and many faculty and students put their careers on the line to stand up for the Gospel, doesn’t get any more reformation than that.  Thanks Skip, thanks Seminex, thanks Luther, but most of all thank you Gospel.  Happy Reformation everyone and keep standing up for the Gospel.

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