Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ready- Set- GO!

Faith is daring the soul to go 
beyond what the eyes can see.
Reading Week, Here We Come!!

And here are the books I could realistically take home with me to Madison and read during the next few days.  Alas, my backpack will not hold all of them, and truly, how will I get them back to the apartment via public transportation! 

A picture of a pile of books isn't very unique is it? When I decided to include the picture with this week's post, I hesitated. But this journey I am on has been traveled by others. Praise God for that! Thankfully I am walking in the path of many pastors who also listened to God's call; some who quit a comfortable career, a comfortable life and commuted to seminary. I am blessed to learn from those who went before me and all current classmates, whom I share daily joys and concerns with.

A friend gave me the plaque which I have sitting on top of the bookpile. It normally sits on my bookshelf, and I see it each morning when I wake up. When I miss my family and the comfortable life I had in Madison, I am reminded of all the fantastic support which gets me through each day of classes and each hour of studying. Support which I cannot see with my eyes, but support which comforts me and strengthens me.

Faith and unseen support have carried me through the first four weeks of classes and to Reading Week. A week I look forward to because I can spend more than 48 hours with my husband, and I can get caught up on reading/ papers/ classes and start working on CPE paperwork.  Oh, and maybe I can start working ahead on my classes, those final papers and upcoming tests.  Classmates, what do you think?   Former seminarians, what do you think?

Faith: Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see.

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  1. I was the commuter blogger my junior year, coming down from Racine...good luck, it's worth it in the end, but a rocky road of ups and downs and planning that your classmates will not always be accustomed to.