Monday, October 22, 2012


It was cold, rainy, dark, and miserable.  The stadium lights permeated the darkness to shine on a sea of orange shirts, fighting an ancient battle to run a pigskin down a neatly-combed field.  Okay, maybe it really wasn't that miserable.  Maybe it was awesome.

It was the season opener of LSTC's first foray into the University of Chicago's inter-mural flag football league.  In the past, our seminary has traveled far across the country to Gettysburg for their annual Luther Bowl weekend, which is coming up this Saturday; however, the team opted to miss that event this year in order to attend the festivities surrounding President Nieman's inauguration.  I'm not a huge fan of long roadtrips in crowded cars, so I had never witnessed an LSTC football game until Thursday night.  It was really cool to see our students gathered on the sidelines, as players and as fans, together in a communal gathering I hadn't witnessed here before.  It was a ton of fun. Of course, the fact that we won helped, too.

It seems grey hats are an optional part of the uniform.

There are still about 5 games left, all on Thursday nights.  Hopefully, I'll join the team for a few games, if I ever get my nose out of my books and get to the weekly practice session!

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