Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ministry as Breaking Bubbles

Post-Reading-Week time is an interesting point in the semester.  Theoretically, everyone should be all caught up with reading, assignments, and life in general.  We have had a full week of no additional assignments or class time.  We had a break.  Unfortunately, the hard truth is that this is a world which rarely exists in seminary.  Here’s why: life happens.

It’s always a strange experience breaking out of my school life for an extended period of time.  Even in college I can remember my first time back home.  I went to Southpark Mall where I was amazed at all of the people’s clothing styles, language, and general interests.  I remember thinking, “Are people really like this?”  Readjusting to life outside of school for a week is a bit more challenging for me, as I am suddenly thrust into a world of reality which usually does not cater to the world of theory in which many institutions live.

In light of this reflection, I am really grateful that LSTC gets us, the students, out there from time to time.  I do not stay in Hyde Park every Sunday or Wednesday.  I remember going on several field trips as a part of my ethics curriculum.  I remember going to an immersion experience during orientation week to really make the statement, “This is where we are.  This is real.”

To be sure, I still put myself in a familiar scholastic bubble which gets jostled at every break.  Life is a bit different, but I will get better at breaking my bubbles as I learn more, and do more, ministry. 

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