Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walking the Labyrinth

As flames are lit and lifted, as darkness falls softly around my shoulders, as Creation mischievously plays in shadows I am able to watch the beauty of the dying sunset. I am able to ponder where the song of Mother Earth is beckoning my spirit to. The unknown holds great promise and great fear. 

One of my fellow bloggers remarked as we were discussing the business of blogging how she had missed my posts. So the Gypsy returns, getting out of the way of the end of the academic year, which is racing towards the finish line in a haze of mass exodus.

As a part of a spiritual discipline, walking the labyrinth has resurfaced in our popular, modern Christian practice; there is one right outside my Ministry in Context congregation. As a church community we surrounded the labyrinth as we gathered the night of the Easter Vigil and there was blessed silence and pause for reflection. The cauldron of fire stood at the center of these endless wave of circles; the center of our journey is lit with glorious flames that sway and dance  as if in encouraging us to continue even if everything will appear the same to the reflection in our gaze.  The interesting thing is that from that center, one can continue on their journey that perhaps retraces their steps from where they have come. Perhaps in that center we face our fears and doubts and can see everything a bit clearer even if we are still a bit unsure; perhaps we step from the widening path and into cleansing fire of rebirth so that we can continue on our journey. 

In conversation with a board member about the Seminary's journey making a bold witness and proclamation of the Gospel about living into what the risen Christ has commanded us, he questioned me about the use of the term "Middler". As Middlers we are in the midst of this journey of Seminary, the center being Endorsement and Internship Assignments and miraculously the winding paths of the labyrinth open up ushering us forth. Yet, my own spirit clings to the root of the willow tree thoughtfully because perhaps I have mentioned before I remain here within the center, for now and I am not alone. Remaining here is not being left behind because there is so much one can explore and contemplate; there is an exciting year before me of classes not only at LSTC but those beyond our doors-reading and discussing Augustine and Malcolm X; contemplating Bonhoeffer and Dr. King; continuing to discern the call of Redeveloper from both my Synod and my Seminary for me. 

In a few days, these halls which were always reverberating with lively discussion, with songs and with laughter will fall silent. The brightness of Creation beckons us to reach our our hands and touch what God has blessed us with: returning home, exploring other lands, reaching new shores with nervousness and with glee and resting our feet in the low Prairies where God first spoke life into our call to ministry. 

There is still much to be done in these last few days, still ministry to experience and to learn. The Seminary Community is vibrant with a cacophony of souls who climb further up the tree, to new heights and raise their voices in praise and thanksgiving for no matter where we are or where we go, there is always proof that Christ is with us. From being the center of ridicule on the cross, to being the center of resurrection and eternal life, the Risen Christ is right in front of us.

Lape Bondye, God's Peace. 

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