Friday, May 25, 2012

Routine and Rerouting

I remember just before I left for college reading a very short book (I can't totally remember the title but it contained "Alcohol and Academia") which was very helpful to my college experience.  The first thing I took away from the material was the importance of a routine.  I took this to heart very quickly and found myself in an efficient and semi-disciplined system which I had created for myself.  Every year, a few elements of my routine have changed, but core components have stayed the same, especially work time and play time.

The times when routines haven't worked well for me, however, are the transition times.  I am currently in a transition time.  My first year is over and I'm on my way to beginning CPE next week.  I have a lot going through my mind.  I have fears, expectations, dreams, goals, and all sorts of other things to get in the way of my former routine.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing though.  Yeah, my schedules are thrown off a bit and my head is spinning with the new prospects on the horizon, but my goal of becoming a good pastor is still there, I just have to deal with a little rerouting for the time.  This is time when I get to take a detour or a scenic route until I create a new routine.

What's cool about a little rerouting is that coming back to something feels kind of like a fresh place to begin again.  I am looking forward to CPE.  I am excited about some of the transitions in my life academically, relationally, and in whatever other way these changes manifest themselves.  At this point, this time for transition is a good time to keep on learning how to pray and live in moments of change and wonder as I wander.

Until Next Friday!

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