Thursday, May 3, 2012

Learning the Pastor-Stuff

Today I had my first meeting with the congregation I will be working with next year.

That is a little odd to say (or write, rather) because I currently serve the wonderful parish of St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square.  As long as God's grace allows it, it is my intention to continue serving that beautiful congregation.  However, the new work I am about to begin with St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church will be different then any other capacity I have ever had.  At St. John's, I will be practicing pastor-stuff. 

This process is called Ministry in Context (MIC), and is something that typically happens during your midler (second) year of seminary.  MIC happens after CPE (clinical pastoral education, which will be this summer) and before Internship year. 

I understand my role as a Director for a congregation, and know I can handle those responsibilities.  That is also the case for my role as Administrative Assistant.  There is always room to grow in these roles, but I knew before I ever began working in those positions that I could fulfill that sort of ministry.

MIC is a whole new game.  I think I have the skills to be a pastor.  I'm certainly building them through my seminary education.  But can I put that education into practice?  Do I have what it takes to stop thinking like an administrator and begin thinking like a pastor?

While I was fretting about this big, unknown reality of my future, I met one of the women who will be serving on the lay committee supervising my work.  That woman was so sure that God had called her to be on that committee, and knew that even if she didn't have all the answers she would figure it out.  She accepted this step in her baptismal vocation, and saw how she had been called to this role.

I don't know what is in store for me at St. John's,but I do know that right now, this is the next step to living out my baptismal vocation.  It is time to embrace the pastor-stuff. 

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