Friday, May 4, 2012

The last mile

It's that part of the race when you look at the finish line ahead and it feels like a mirage. Imagining it so many times before, now that it is before us, it seems like a joke!

In my final preaching class yesterday, there were jokes about "failing" our last sermon and Satterlee having to call our bishops and inform them we had failed our advanced preaching course...

And in other ways, it seems impossible still to get there. Not just a paper (or two), but the goodbye luncheons, the passing of the torch to the next class, the loose ends that need tying. In some ways, the tasks of graduating are never really turning in that last paper. They're everything else!

And for me, this final weekend, I am taking a road trip to go to my future synod's assembly. We cannot even finish seminary before we have BOTH feet out the door and into our future lives as leaders in this church.

So here's to all that goodbye graduation goodness. May God be with us all!!

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