Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May = Mass Exodus

There should be a sign saying "Internship/First Call or BUST!"

Blessed Pentecost! Greetings from your friendly, neighborhood Gypsy Seminarian....

Forevermore, the month of May shall be known as Mass Exodus.

Or perhaps the month of milestones.

Conversations everywhere speak of the chaos within the church, within mainline denominations. The church is supposedly dying; where moments of faith are highlighted in media, the news, the internet-there are always posers, trollers, hate-filled and hateful language mocking and chastising those who greet the morning with faint chords deep in their spirit, the music of a Creator who is delighted with our presence.

Why would intelligent people believe in some mystical, magical, mysterious "man in the sky?". 

This month I have been part of the cloud of witnesses who have prayed for, worked hard and spoke life into what it means to be welcoming to all of God's children; that collectively as an example we open our hearts and hands to those who are curious about, or their soul speaks to, or God has led them here. My Seminary has always lead the charge and continues to lead the charge in stepping out on faith no matter who frowns or doubts. This Seminary community is called to what Jesus speaks to-that we love one another regardless of who we are or where we came from. That God has the last say on who He scoops up from the sweetness of the Earth and says "I have plans for you..." 

This month I have been a part of the cloud of witnesses who celebrated welcoming a new era that rolls upon our shores as the Board elected a new President who collectively we as a community are excited about what new ministry Dr. Nieman will bring, besides his talent, time and treasures.  Flames erupt but not in destruction and despair, no matter how many people have come to mock and throw kindle on this Seminary; they have only added fuel that births the Phoenix, who rises reborn and renewed sparking a fierceness and passion within us to continue what God wants us to accomplish, what He has called all of us to.

In our celebrating, it is also the time that many of us begin to say a fond farewell to those departing from our community. Whatever joy they brought collectively, it is that part of them we will miss as the days go forth and yet this student Seminary community will never be a part from each other. Our prayers intertwine as evergreen vines spiraling, stretching each morning to the welcoming, awakening light of Creation that smiles down upon us, calling us forth from the darkness, beckoning us to come out..and play.

For many of my Middler classmates it is the time for rest and relaxation, of re-connecting with family and friends before heading off on this continuous journey called internship. The second year of Seminary is extremely hectic: classes and Ministry in Context, endorsement and interviews. For me it was mostly that and navigating being a part of the wider church; it was discerning Mission Redevelopment-how that mysterious tool, swathed in blue-silvery wrapping paper looks in my pastoral toolbox.

Yet, this past Sunday I also gave my goodbyes as I joyfully get a chance to serve for the next two months at the place where I believe God scooped me up into His loving arms and spoke to my spirit saying, "For surely I know the plans I have for you...Then when you call upon me and pray to me, I will hear you. When you search for me, you will find me. I will let you find me."

The view from where I sit, at my camp in the early morn

Lape Bondye, God's Peace. 

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