Monday, December 19, 2011

Writings from a freezing hostel on an iPhone!!!

laying under the covers, I write to you from Jordan in the capital city Amman. I arrived by bus earlier today by a tiny bus from South Jordan. I had been camping in the desert and visited Petra. why Jordan? And the answer is LSTC. I am taking a class with my professors Esther Menn and Barbara Rossing that starts in January, but hoping to see a little more of the middle East, I headed out early. Tomorrow is my last full day in Jordan, because I go to Israel for Christmas! It's been eye opening even for the short time being exposed to a big Muslim City. So many mosques around and the call to prayer coming o er the speakers throughout the day. Reminds of the work we do at LSTC for peace and understanding within the relationships of Christianity and Islam. This trip is proving to be eye opening and inspiring. it also has study since I have a class I have lugged 6 books and information for a paper here. Not all vacation for this student, gotta start studying.

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  1. Petra looks like such an amazing place. At least from what I saw of it. Have a merry Christmas and good luck with your studies.