Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Freed In Christ

Original Poetry by the Gypsy Woman. Picture by R. Pitts

As the semester begins to come to a crashing halt and chaos ensues in many of our lives at this moment, a surprise was breathed into life during one of my Preaching labs. Many of my classmates, peers and friends have been introduced to the poetic side of me, as I may have mentioned previous and expected to hear the Gospel authentically through my words and reflected in my eyes. The one thing that I hope people understand is that Seminary is not a place to be stripped of who you are, but to celebrate whom Our Creator has called you to be. Therefore, from my Gypsy soul to yours...

What does it mean to be Free?
How does your soul sing when washed with living waters
Drowned to the darkness and despair of an empty life
Reborn in the endless melody of a new Son
Does the beat within bring your steps to the openness of Creation?
Standing in the four winds, hearing the rhythm and the love of ancestors before you
Solitude of the valley bringing you to your knees?
Whispers that allow the tears to flow?
Does the music intertwined with the softness of your hands
Pulling, twisting, reaching for that little sprout, little seed?
Bringing you to the Cross
Infusing your being, burning within the blood
Does the essence knowing that the Creator touches your spirit
That Christ walks with you
In bondage you are freed
By grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone? 

Blessed Advent season. God's Peace.

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