Friday, December 2, 2011

For a long time I have wanted to learn how to play the violin. I have thought it to be a sophisticated instrument with a great sound that can be used in a wide variety of music. Now I finally have that opportunity! I was casually mentioning my desire to learn how to play the violin when one of my other classmates mentioned that she had a violin and was looking to get rid of it…for free! I couldn’t believe it! I would have to wait until after Thanksgiving, but I could totally do that. I got it this week and so far I have learned (kind of….I still suck) the melody line for Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, The Final Countdown, Lux Aeterna (sp?), and a couple of other little jingles. It’s sooooooo much fun! And I have one very wonderful classmate to thank for opening up my world to play a new style of music!
Then again, here’s another plug for what makes LSTC wonderful to me. I have already talked about how welcome I have felt by other students here, but it doesn’t end at the welcome. This violin is one gesture of acceptance that I have encountered this week as I have finished up some of the semester. I want to say thank you to the middler who asked about my CPE application and if I wanted any help or advice. I want to say thank you to the classmate who said they enjoy reading these things that I write. I want to say thank you to the dude who shouts “Tiiiiiiger” whenever I come around. All of these little things are not little to me, nor are they just “things”. They are wonderful signs of the transition that I am still making into the world of LSTC.

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