Friday, December 16, 2011

Trains, Towers, and Time to Play!

There are a series of rules in the movie Zombieland that are essential for survival in a post-zombie dominated world. There are some very important rules like buckle up as well as some practical ones like double tap or be careful in the bathrooms. There is one rule that I think applies particularly well to life and does not get expressed often enough.
Rule number 32 - enjoy the little things.
So far while I have been home I have played violin, guitar, find the man, build a tower, and play with the toy train. My sister and her family are here for this weekend and I get to do all of these things with my wonderful niece. In the midst of my preparation for my first sermon, these instances are a major relief. I now have a great excuse to relive the joys of playing with toys and be a two year old again. I have had so much fun playing these games that do not challenge my intellect or vex my religious or political views. I feel very lucky every time Mr. Snowman appears to play “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on his computerized and looped saxophone recording.
These little things (literally and figuratively) have made it easier to be working on the various projects I have created for myself while I am home. It is a great reminder of the new life and joy we find in Christ. Yes, I am willing to compare the experience of hanging out with my two-year old niece to a resurrection experience. Thanks to the little snippets of playtime I feel relatively rejuvenated, except of course for the sleep I don’t get in the mornings currently, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make at this point.
I am looking forward to heading back to LSTC for a J-Term, but for now I’m looking forward to more playtime. J
Until Next Friday!

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