Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twilight fading, a new dawn approaches...

Ushering in a new beginning

What beheld my gaze was the emptiness of the landscape
Swathed in naked cotton
The earth steady within my grasp
Soaring above my spirit, a lone bird, trailing eternal light blazed across
From out of the sands quiet steps were others, a thousand of my twins
Confusion, questioning with a sweep of the winds laid the paths before
Steady steps as the horizon beckoned
Voices lifted in rhythm, calling
And the breezes carry the response home
Purposely my pace matches another
A hand, gesture, sign of peace in whispers
“We had been lost, where the Creator leads we do not know.”
The smile that graces these feature only speaks the outcome-where our heart will sing.
Shadows of comfort stretch across the clouds in that distance we can not reach
In order to be, sitting under the Tree we must travel
Allowing the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit to guide us.

The velvet curtain slowly caresses the emptiness of the air as it flutters to earth; a year begins to bow before Creation as it fades into the recesses of our memories. Soon the faint strains of violins and the rhythm of percussion shall catch the attention of our souls bringing our gaze center stage as another year appears to delight, surprise, astound and confuse us. 

Although part of me misses the beauty of Winter, it is the steady beat of rain that has welcomed me to another dawn and the morning is reflective. People will start to compile New Year's Resolutions among their New Year Eve's celebrations; my own is rather simple. To continue to allow the Holy Spirit to work within me, to continue along this path that God has set before us-this vocational journey called Seminary. To remain prayerful and supportive to those who walk alongside and with me, from those within my Treehouse, those nestled in the valleys of my camp, those whom God has connected by blood and those whom God has connected as brothers and sisters in this faith journey, in Christ.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you all,

God's Peace.

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  1. This is beatiful, Kwame, and fits the Spirit of this misty day and liminal moment of the year so perfectly. It moves me to wish you, all poets, and all readers of this blog a glad New Year as we turn a page and venture down paths for which we cannot see the ending, except to rest and trust that all our beginnings and endings are in God. Traveling mercies to all!