Monday, May 23, 2011

Pastor Gig

My apparent lack of a blog post for the last two Saturdays can easily show you how easy it is to get distracted in ministry. What is usually my day off turned into a funeral two Saturdays ago and a Ladies Luncheon last Saturday. Needless to say, when I got home, I crashed.

After 9 months of internship, it seems I'm finally getting the hang of this ministry thing. The rhythms. The patterns. The way death and life weave together continually. I'm finding what brings me life and what wears me out. And I have to say, I enjoy it. Though I get weary, this ministry thing is wonderful.

Being there for people when they are grieving and celebrating that life with them. Celebrating being a woman with women of all ages with a fun "Hat Show" and a Salad Luncheon despite the rain that continues and our leaking church roof. The joy of sitting down with people who have just had back surgery or are healing from a hip replacement. Commiserating with high schoolers and college kids who are more than ready to be done with school.

It's just... good. So my apologies for forgetting two weeks in a row. But I'm still counting it as a win. ;)

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