Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Intern Cluster

Just got back from two days in beautiful western Massachusetts for my last ever intern cluster meeting. One of the requirements of internship is to meet occasionally with other interns from the area. As there are only a couple of interns in upstate New York we are lucky enough to join the cluster from the New England Synod, which is a fantastic group of people. We meet quarterly, and our gatherings always include a program of some sort as well as excellent worship and great conversation. The best part of cluster is peer groups, where interns and supervisors meet separately to allow space for open conversation. We share concerns, lift up joys, ask one another hard questions, pray together, and genuinely try and support one another. I am the only intern in my conference and while I have great pastor colleagues, as an intern my joys and struggles are by nature different than theirs. So it is such a blessing to be around people who are in the same space I am. Who are also living the tension of the role, share my anxiety around transitions, and are even familiar with the mounds of paperwork. Who can challenge my understandings because they first understand my challenges. Thank God for colleagues!

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