Friday, May 6, 2011

Finding God Everywhere and Trusting in the Promise

The journey is now in 3-D.

When we began this journey over 8 months ago, we approached the Seminary having answered this call with nervousness, enthusiastic momentum and an openness to the Holy Spirit which fell upon us all.

Last night, we gathered as a class with laughter and fellowship as we met with our Ministry in Context teaching parishes, pastors and lay leadership. It was a time to plan, ask questions and begin this bonding process with these churches which will be our worshiping homes next year. Sitting at the shelf, I chatted with my pastor from Prince of Peace Lutheran from Chicago Heights. As I began to take notes, he gave me directions that concreted my journey "I'd like for you to get three things over the summer: an alb, a clerical shirt..."

Liturgical shopping is in my future.

The semester is coming to a close, and many of us are finishing papers and projects. Some of my classmates are packing up to return home for a respite before they go off to their CPE sites for the summer. We also begin to say "see you later" and exchange Skype names as Middlers venture off to new communities for internship. We celebrate Graduation as many of our Seniors will be leaving us for new Synods and await assignments.

As the evening descended after our MIC meeting I flipped through my email finding an important one from this same pastor, who happens to serve as the Synodical Director of Liturgy for our Synod here. Again I have the opportunity to assist my Bishop during an ecumenical service in a couple of Sundays: at the end of the bulletin listing all the participant read my name with the title of Rev. Seminarian.

The journey continues, and as I enjoyed last weekend being at camp I am reminded that going forward, the Creator will lead me out of my comfort zone and where He wishes me be as His humbled servant, learning from others. I have also come to realize that one day, I will be on the road to internship and far away from my beloved camp. But no matter where I am, I know that God walks with me and I thankful to be a part of the Beloved Community.

May the Creator continue to embrace your Spirit and give you peace.

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