Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Pocketful of Memories...

or rather a tote full.

Sometimes this journey that we travel on can be disconcerting, and it can even appear as if we are trapped within gnarled forests blinded even to the brilliance of the morning sunrise. Lent perhaps to our spirits, will never end. Yet, the promise that floods the horizon with new Light bringing forth new Life can pierce our souls with renewed energy even as we hold onto so tightly to the hem of His cloak.

For seminarians, the descent of Spring Semester as the academic year winds down to drifting lazily into the paleness of the evening means as a community we will begin to say our good byes. Our seniors sems are feeling the antsyness of approaching graduation as well as many of them journeying on to new horizons of first call interviews. For the first years, just getting through Lutheran Confessions as well as the piles of papers and projects that eagerly await their brilliant thoughts and ideas on paper and on computer . For my class, the middlers are awaiting April 19th when they will find out where exactly they will be going on internship. 

In the last Lord of the Rings, Gandalf and the others set off on the sleek, transparent ships going beyond the Gray Veil, destination unknown but departing from this world into the beyond. The others watched it disappear, hearts heavy and missing those they had traveled with for so many, many years into dangerous and eye-opening adventures. 

Although the adventures we have taken as a class have not been dangerous, the Holy Spirit definitely has traveled and opened our hearts and minds to the beauty of God's Love and the commitment that The Creator has to our vocational and discerning journey. For me, the addition of having a daughter in her junior year of high school means I will remain on the shores with my toes dug in the sand, wishing my classmates safe travels and blessings.

As the weather for a brief moment drew us all away from the sanctity of our hearths, spring cleaning too, also came early in our household and cleaning out our hall closet once more unearthed our tote full of pictures: pictures that equal up to more than 16 years of marriage as well as snapshots of both my husband and I's childhood. 

For me, the excitement of another academic year, of bonding with my adoptive classmates who will soon be middlers, means also that I too will begin the journey onward. This will be the year I say goodbye and not farewell to a Synod who continues to mold and support, to a Seminary who has stood by and opened their arms and to my extended family who has gathered around me since my first steps into this world. 

This pastoral journey is getting real folks. 

Lape Bondye, God's Peace.

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