Wednesday, April 4, 2012


"I heard that God is in the radio, checking the stations" - Queens of the Stone Age

Today as I was driving home to Cleveland for the Easter, I did a litle radio surfing. In Chicago I tend to listen to the pop stations, and as I was driving for 5 hours I was reminded how much I love a good double bass peddle and heavy guitar music.

I am a closeted metal fan. I guess I've always been into various forms of rock. My dad loves to tell the story of how when I was two I would rock out to Bon Jovi's "Living On a Prayer" in my car seat (believe me, the irony does not escape me). Today it was quite a delight listening to Seether and Under Oath, and I've reaffirmed that I like my Korn best when it's spelled with a K. If you looked at me, though, you wouldn't think I have an extensive Coheed and Cambria collection on my iPod. I can be traditionally girly. I like dress suits and patent leather shoes. With the exception of two tiny tatoos, nothing about my appearence me screams rocker.

As I was driving through Indiana a college radio station was playing an hour-long block of Nine Inch Nails when suddenly the radio DJ read a passage from the Gospel Matthew. I almost couldn't believe it. Who would have thought that any non-Christian radio station would quote scripture, let alone during an alternative rock segment? Not me.

I think on some level I needed to catch that broadcast. Seminary prompts you to think a lot of your public role, and there are times when you can be tempted to present the most mainstream parts of your personality. It's important to be accessible, but at the same time, it is also important to remember that God called the entire individual. I'm sure for that DJ's career, reading the Bible on the air may seem a bit taboo, but he shared the good news in the forum that spoke to the whole of his idenity.

God called the whole me to seminary with my love of emo music, my love of traditional business attire, and my love for Jesus. As I think about my public role, I should remember to broadcast that God loves our entire self, and the best way to do that is to embrace my inner rocker.

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