Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Resurrection in a Little Assessment

This week I found a significant affirmations in a place I didn’t expect- my First Year Assessment.

I remember first getting that wonderful mailing which said that I would have to arrange an hour long meeting with my advisor before the end of April. For this meeting I would have to draft of my Endorsement Essay and some paragraphs about how I would rank myself in the learning outcomes of LSTC. I would also have to print off a transcript. At the time, the paperwork seemed very intimidating and tedious as I thought about the other projects that I had to finish. By the time my week had come up for this First Year Assessment meeting, I was thinking about everything but First Year Assessments.

Now, I won’t hold anyone in suspense too much longer (insert chuckle here), I did get the paperwork together, eventually. At the meeting itself, I was almost immediately comfortable talking with my advisor about the next classes I was looking at, how my time at LSTC was going, the subject matter of my coursework, the musical, and other fun things. I was sad that it had to end, but I had my schedule and my advisor’s to honor. I left after a wonderful and reassuring time together that really brightened my day.

I have never worried that someone at LSTC would be out to get me, but it’s so nice to find another person who is on your side as a seminary student (pardon the language; I don’t want to suggest that someone in particular is NOT on “your side”). This was really a resurrection experience for me this week. I've been getting myself stuck in places of worry in my attempt to complete projects, readings, and other paperwork. The meeting that I had lifted me out of that mess, even if only for an hour. Turns out what I thought to be tedious and intimidating ended up being exactly what I needed.

Until Next Friday!

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