Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wandering and Waiting in the Cradle of Creation

Nan pousyè ou ye, ak ap tounen pousyè tè w ap retounen

Sitting among the community gathered in chapel, raising my gaze to everyone marked with the sign of the cross seemed to almost strike my spirit as painful. A painful reminder of how fragile we, as a people of faith are. A reminder how finite is this world, and how infinite the beauty of the Valley that hovers in our memories, where Life renewed awaits all of us. A reminder that we are beloved and a part of Creation; Our Father weeps for all of His children as we struggle and fall, and yet how He opens His arms welcoming us with Love and Eternal Light. A reminder that there is still so much to do, and our journey has not even begun.

This particular Ash Wednesday, the waiting is more pronounced and painful. Our wonderful Senior class, those who have truly gone before, who stand in the shadows having traveled and who we look to for guidance, friendship and example are waiting to hear where God will be leading them. Regional Assignments on Ash Wednesday? Heavy.

This afternoon many of us with gather in spirit, joined together by this vocational journey of Seminary praying with the Seniors and embracing them as one by one they are called by name. As Pastor Paul Landhal's voice carries and fills the chapel, may God's voice pour out from the font. May they hear God's voice in those waters, speaking through time and space "You are my beloved, I am pleased with thee." May they know that no matter where the Church is sending them, that God will always walk with them.

Lape Bondye. God's Peace.

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