Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love making pancakes, it reminds me of mornings with grandma or the time that I made my mother breakfast in bed (did not cook the pancakes all the way through). I had the chance last Friday to realize my childhood mayhem as I hand stirred 15 pounds of pancake mix. I know what you are thinking, boy was I hungry...but really it was an awesome morning working with Living Room Cafe. Living Room Cafe is an opportunity that was presented to me through fellow classmate David Buco, where rather than the assembly line experience of feeding the houseless and impoverished, they provide a restaurant experience where volunteers take orders and they have a list of options. Options for last friday. Bacon or sausage, grits, eggs, potatoes, and a pancake, with choice of cheese on anything that people may want. After the volunteers take the order they come and give us, the kitchen, a piece of paper with the specialized order and name of the individual, they then bring it to the table and are served like a regular restaurant that you or I would attend. Also at the tables was butter and syrup, and there was choice of coffee, tea, OJ, and water to drink. The experience was amazing, we were in the kitchen the whole time, about 5 volunteers and some other consistent kitchen members. Listening to older soul music, singing and dancing while making pancakes, scrambling eggs, making bacon and sausage, cutting vegetables, and making juice. Starting at 630 in the morn, we were serving by 830 and done by 1030. We made friends with some new faces and heard some stories of why others felt it important to wake up early in the morning more often than us and make sure people were getting a hot breakfast. Speaking of hot breakfast, we even got to eat some of our leftover fixings and they were delicious!

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