Friday, February 10, 2012

Crows and Community

Normally I don’t like winter snow. In fact, I am one of the people who have been enjoying the lack of snow this season. It’s been nice to go on a run a couple of times this winter and not freeze my feet. It’s been great to be able to drive myself safely 45 minutes north to visit my girlfriend on occasion without worrying about the street conditions. Today, however, I am enjoying this snow.
You see, while it wasn’t snowing, a migration of crows came through Hyde Park about three days ago. These crows decided that their horde should take a break in the trees lining University Avenue which is where some of us who reside on University Avenue like to park our cars. As they were creepily staring at the people passing by, they all must have gotten a bad case of food poisoning. As I walked back to my apartment, I couldn’t help but see that the sidewalk, street, and everyone’s car was covered in crow crap. And so today, I welcome the snow, because I think it will help me to clean off my car a little bit.
Sometimes we can find help in the most unlikely of places. One thing that I have been trying to learn is to not be too proud to take help from others. I really enjoy the term community and everything that it stands for, but I think accepting help is an element of communal life that gets overlooked and is so necessary to practice. On Tuesday I attended a meeting as I began to think about writing my Endorsement Essay for the next step in the candidacy process. Our main speaker said “No one is looking for a lone ranger pastor. We have too many of them already.” If everyone is too proud to admit they need help, how can building community happen? Something to chew on this week I suppose.
Until Next Friday!

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