Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spiritual Vitality..

As I wandered through the cloistered, cluttered streets
The overwhelming sense of the pulse
Even as the sun blossomed into the fury of the day
Swirls of flimsy cotton danced in the deepness
In the recesses of my hazels
Every breath
Guiding my steps, energies of my ancestors seeping into the hems of sweeping fabric
Every breath
How life is consumed spoken in the quiet of death?
Once, as streams of life giving waters rushed
Prayers lifted
Thunder heavy in tune with the pulsing of my heart
Dancing in shadows
Dancing in sweet smoke
Crossing the threshold even as prayers abounded
My journey has been twisted and complex
Even as Mother night cradled me, singing softly
Calling to the core of my soul
Reunion at the crossroads caused fear to shiver before me
Ancestral spirits parting the waters, reaching my shore
Wandering through my Valley
Understanding His majestic power
Understanding the threshold not yet for me to cross
Children of the Creator, serving different purposes
Haunting reflected back to mine
Shattering tears that had wept
In the brilliance of a loved one’s transformation
In the dying arcs of frozen tears
Reborn even as my soul was quieted
Shivering in the waning heat of the gentle summer day
Swathed in the colors of heaven
Crowned with Motherhood
In her tones I hear the voices of nameless women, symphony
In her eyes, connected

Original poetry by the Gypsy Woman. Lape Bondye, God's Peace.

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