Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Good News Choir! pt.2

Since my last post, I have received a couple of comments that have been very helpful to my processing of gospel music and my “academic” theological side. One commenter pointed out that it was unfair to compare these two topics because one is steeped in cultural tradition while the other is based on the trend of modern biblical scholarship. Another person suggested that my stepping into the gospel experience is expressing some biblical hospitality (Rom. 14 and Heb. 13) of the lament, longing, exhortation, praise, and urging. In this sense, gospel music seems to closely parallel my limited understanding of the variety of psalms found in Scripture which seem to be based on a cultural experience and a need for the Divine in their lives.
Especially from this second point of view, singing these words in gospel Christian music (even if it is through words that make my theological brow furrow) is something that can be likened and found in Scriptural-cultural experiences that are very real. I feel compelled to continue being a part of this further experience and am very excited to keep learning from it as a member of LSTC’s Gospel Choir. Perhaps these reflections on my enjoyment of gospel music will be the framework for which I enter other forms of Christian music as cultural-theological texts. Thanks to all who contributed to my thoughts and commented on this subject.
Before end this thought for now, I would like to apologize if I sounded judgmental of the gospel music experience in my last post. I am moved by Gospel Choir and very excited to see and sing some more gospel music. I encourage everyone to check it out too!
Until Next Friday!

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