Saturday, December 25, 2010


Annoying Christmas songs about snowmen who can come to life and marry people when WE have to put in 4 years at seminary?! Unfair.

Getting the plastic napkin holder with jingle bells on it at the Dirty Santa gift exchange when you wanted the snuggie? Unfair.

Being far away from family and friends and all the traditions that you grew up with because you now work every Christmas (and are on internship/first call)? Unfair.

A White Christmas that actually means having to drive through ice and snow to get to church on Christmas eve and Christmas morning? Unfair.

But this frustration and resentment and business of the season comes to a halt Christmas morning as I read about the unfairness of Christmas. Not just with Mary and Joseph and their odd predicament. Not just with the manger birth because the inn was full. But more about a God who loves us enough to become incarnate and suffer with us.

Fair? Hardly. But this is the abundant grace if God which we celebrate this morning. Our hope is in one who meets the unfairness of the world and confronts it with the calm of a new born baby. God is with us.

© Faris

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