Friday, December 3, 2010

A Light in the Darkness

Candles flickering in the shadows, remind us of the peace that should be centered within our hearts this Advent season. As the flame turns and spirals upward in an eternal dance, it reflects the hope of Heaven that centers within our spirits; it is the core of what we are as children of the Creator.

As the celebration of Advent begins and as holiday season ebbs and flows, I always think of this time as one of chaotic happiness, of families coming together for merriment and fellowship, yet I often forget in the midst of Christmas songs and beautiful worship services that, as we have been discussing in Pentateuch class, the book of Job and “bad things happening to good people.”

This week, my husband came home to tell me that one of his young students succumbed to an illness that perhaps the doctors nor her parents were able to pinpoint. For that moment, as I listened to this tale of sadness life reared its ugly head and I asked the question why? As a parent, in the moment of solidarity I felt for this mother, whose home was now so empty. What hope could be reflected in the Advent candle for this family?

As one family mourns, perhaps one answer is that the love that will pour forth from extended family, from friends and from their community that even though each day will be filled with challenges and that our Creator walks with us, cares for us, mourns with us and has the power to heal us.

“Father Creator, the stars which shine from Heaven are examples of your eternal love. Remember those who have lost a loved one; cradling them close and speaking within their hearts your promise of never leaving us or forsaking us. Amen.”

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