Monday, August 20, 2012

Wow. I'm Officially A Vicar!

Yesterday was my first day at House for All Sinners and Saints as their newest Vicar.  But, I really started on Friday where Nadia, my supervising pastor, had "Office Hours" to get to know the new vicar.  "Office Hours" are essentially when Nadia is guaranteed to be at a coffee shop during certain times and people can come and hang out and chat about whatever with whoever shows up.  I think it's a great concept and definitely fosters a sense of community.  One of the parishioners actually came and used her lunch break to hang out and talk.

Then Saturday I got to find out what I'm actually going to be doing.  And I'm pretty sure that not many other interns will have an internship like mine.  Basically, I get to be a person for an living this year!  Part of my job will be, of course, preparing sermons, having coffee from parishoners, making hot dishes for potlucks, and the like.  But, since HFASS is a mission start church, I'll get to do things like join clubs (hiking? biking? book? help me choose!) and doing volunteer work (again...suggestions welcome!) in the community as a religious leader.  That is to say, I'll do these things being clear that I am a leader in the Church.  The point is not necessarily to get more people to come to HFASS, but instead to be an active presence in the community.  My internship responsibilities also include personal health and growth, through reading stuff I want to read, working out, and making friends outside the church.

I'm pretty stoked that I get to be a person for a year, doing God's work in all the world, not just in an office!

Seriously...give me suggestions for clubs/volunteer jobs/general merriment!

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