Monday, August 27, 2012

Lunch-$7.50, USC-Priceless

Mmmmm...a tithes worth of Nachos!
The other day, there were people using the kitchen in the house I live in during lunch.  Since Urban Servant Corps hadn't officially started, I figured I'd just go out to lunch...sort of like a personal "last supper" of sorts before I started USC, which has a major principle of simplicity.  

That means, in part, that I make $75 a month as my stipend for my internship year.  It's a great opportunity to learn the difference between needs and wants.  It's also a great time to really understand the value of community, as I'm living with 9 other people in a house, and how we can use each other as resources, instead of just having to purchase our happiness.  

So, I walked to Qdoba, about 2 blocks from my house, and my nachos ended up being $7.50-ish.  As I paid, I reflected on my purchase, and that in just a few short days that would be 10% of my monthly salary.  I reflected that just weeks earlier, I would have thought nothing about spending this much money on lunch...after all, a couple friends and I have a slight addiction to Jimmy John's.  But now, everything is upside down, and I do think about how I spend money.  

The point of this, of course, is not to hoard everything, and pinch pennies, and be overly litigious about money, but instead to learn that we live in a society that measures success on how much money we have, and not how much we can get from community.  So, while lunch has a price, the value I know I will receive from community (I'm also not kidding WILL be hard at times, stay tuned!) is priceless.  


  1. I'm so proud of you for two reasons:
    1. Being so honest and personally insightful about the lessons you're learning both to yourself and to your audience. I'm learning a lot just from reading.
    2. Choosing Qdoba over Chipotle for your last meal!

  2. Here in Austin we choose Freebirds over Chipotle. Great blog Alex, love hearin about the old stompin grounds and your adventures.

  3. Living simply is hard, so props to you for doing it! Also, who are these friends with a Jimmy John's addiction that you speak of??? ;)