Monday, August 13, 2012

"Do What You Love"

I have one of those stretchy bracelets with that quote on it and I've been wearing it for the past week or so.  I got it a few years ago when I was working at Gap as a sales associate and our CEO passed away.  This was his catchphrase and what he structured his business model around...he did what he loved: selling denim to the masses.  

It got me thinking about what I loved on my drive today.  I'm on my way to internship in Denver (it's finally becoming real...yay!) and I have had all day to ponder my bracelet.  I've come to realize, through talking with friends this week, that I love ministry a whole lot.  I love the sacraments, I love that God comes to us in the most ordinary of things-Water, Wheat, Wine.  I love that God meets us in our suffering because God suffered on the Cross.  I love that I am blessed enough to get to do ministry in an awesome urban setting with creative liturgy and liberal use of incense.  I love walking with people in their joys, struggles, pain, and comfort.  I love listening to, and proclaiming, the endless good news of God's love for all people through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  

And as I was driving and thinking of all of this, I realized that I also love driving.  It's a great time to think and jam out to my girls (Britney, Rihanna, Xtina) at the same time.  I love how blessed I am to get to have this adventure...and I love doing what I love!  

Driving through the Midwest!! My Parents are along for the journey in front of me.   

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