Friday, August 31, 2012

Some Thoughts Before Class Begins...

Life at LSTC has significantly changed for me in the past two weeks.  CPE has ended, my roommates have made it back to the apartment, I have visited my family, the juniors have arrived and move in, I’ve begun translating all of 1 Corinthians in preparation for class and my amazon account has been used more this week than in the past 6 months as I have been on the hunt for books.  Still, I find it somewhat strange to consider myself a middler in the M. Div program.  I have actually made the mistake multiple times of calling myself and my classmates juniors.  Have we really grown up that fast?  I suppose some of the shock is a little leftover from processing some of the self-discovery I have begun doing through CPE.   A part of it is also because I haven’t gone through endorsement yet (but I did turn in that wonderful essay!!!).  Another part is probably because classes haven’t started.  Who knows? 

While I am finding myself challenged to think of myself and my colleagues as middlers in some sense, I can say that there are joys which will be coming my way this year.  First of all, I get to do MIC.  MIC stands for Ministry in Context.  It’s a part of our field education which places us in semi-local Lutheran congregations for seven hours a week to begin learning what it’s like being a part of a congregation as a pastor.  It’s another one of those many opportunities to grow in pastoral identity.

Another joy that I am looking forward to is some more leadership opportunities.  I’ll be on the Master’s Students Association this year as a representative of the class.  That’s pretty sweet.  I’ve never been on student government or anything like that before, but I’m actually kind of pumped to experience something that could be so similar to church council someday.  I also will get to show some leadership in other activities including the Improv group, some music opportunities, and in chapel settings. 

And then there’s Lutherbowl, of course.

In the wake of CPE and reorientation, I can honestly say I am very excited for the year to start.

Until Next Friday! 

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